Website Design

Professional customized services from Webmazing Designs will manage all aspects of design from initial concept to the build and launch.  How a website looks and performs is important and engaging your visitors depends on visually appealing layouts, colors, and typography. Creating brand awareness to represent your business so your target audience receives the message is the highest priority.

Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System lets you control and manage the content within your website. Add or delete images and edit text. Update content on the fly. Keep your website fresh and relevant so clients don’t see outdated information.  You can make your changes or if you are hands off you can leave it to Webmazing Designs to keep your website fresh.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are many factors that go into search engine rankings. The content and architecture is only a piece of the puzzle. Using keywords or phrases that your clients would likely use in a search within your website can make your website search engine friendly. But most of all, your website still requires good content to get ranked. Webmazing Designs will fine tune your website to achieve a high search engine ranking. 

Responsive Pages

The use of mobile devices to access the web is growing exponentially. It is essential that your website is responsive and can be viewed on different screen sizes. Webmazing Designs’ approach is to create flexible web pages that results in an amazing user experience on any device. Responsive design is also good for SEO.


Copy is design and should not be an afterthought. Researching and understanding your business is crucial to writing good copy. Webmazing Designs takes the time to listen to you. To your target audience and your competitors. Good research starts by listening. 


Images that are used in web design are the users’ first impression and what initially attracts them to your website. Good photography over illustration can make your website great. Webmazing Designs can provide professional photographic services or you can choose to use stock photos. 


Web analytics are a big part of online marketing. Analyzing your traffic and acting on the results to find ways to improve them is what it’s all about. Information on sales and conversions, page views, and how well keywords are performing is critical to maintaining your website. Eliminate the guesswork, with analytics you can see where you may need adjustments to your website.

Website Support

After your website is launched,  while you may decide to update content yourself, Webmazing Designs can do the heavy lifting for you. Maintaining security and keeping patches up to date is part of the ongoing services that can be provided.